If children's teeth are damaged, to preserve the beauty of their smile, you should use a crown after treatment.

There are many types of dental veneers, but to introduce the best type, we can mention zirconia veneers.

Zirconia cover is made of white alloy, which creates a completely natural appearance.

Another advantage of zirconia coating, due to its type of structure, is that it does not cause a bad smell in the mouth.

But this should not cause oral hygiene to be neglected.

The application method of these veneers is different from permanent tooth veneers and there is no need to mold and send for production

These veneers are available in sizes 1 to 5, and the right size for the child's teeth is selected after testing.

Konya underlayment has many advantages, the most famous of which are high durability and resistance, natural appearance, non-metallicity and no damage to the gums.

It should be noted that children's zirconia veneers are very limited and offered by few people in Iran.

If you intend to use these services, entrust your child to the best pediatric dentist in West Tehran and Karaj, Dr. Nad Alizadeh.

The best coatings are metal types, because:

  1. High speed of action
  2. Low thickness
  3. high durability
  4. long lasting

Steel crowns cannot be used in anterior teeth due to aesthetic issues, and the best alternative for anterior teeth is Zirconia cover is.

Zirconia dental crown For children's milk teeth, it is one of the appropriate methods of tooth restoration, which is used if necessary to prevent any breakage and damage in the form of coating on milk teeth. Its mechanism is also such that it acts like a natural tooth and maintains the natural life of the tooth. Do milk teeth also need veneers? Stay with us in the rest of the article to learn more about the importance of taking care of your baby's milk teeth.

  1. When the tooth is denervated.
  2. When the destruction of tooth tissue due to caries is high.
  3. When the caries are widespread.
  •  stainless steel crown 
  • Zirconia Crown

Because the growth of the child's jaw goes through its natural process, it is necessary to keep the milk teeth in the mouth until the growth of the main teeth. In addition to maintaining the position of the main teeth, the baby's milk teeth have an appearance and beauty for the child. Other benefits of preserving baby teeth include ease of speaking and chewing. If the child's milk teeth face problems and fall out before the due date, the growth path of the main teeth may face problems. Therefore, the protection and maintenance of this tooth is essential, and simply pulling it out in case of any problem will only remove the problem.

The resistance of milk teeth is much less than natural teeth. This is the reason why in case of damage and decay in the tooth, this decay spreads quickly and destroys the adjacent teeth as well. Therefore, it is important to treat it before damage to other teeth. Sometimes surface filling is not the only solution. Because due to the damage, the tooth may break soon. Covering is used to prevent this damage. In cases where a large part of the tooth is removed and a small part of it is left, it is recommended to use this type of cover after examination and diagnosis by a pediatric dentist.

The veneer acts as a protection and covering around the damaged tooth like a natural tooth. The color of this tooth is made similar to other teeth. This hard material is similar to ceramic. These coatings have high stain resistance. It is also resistant to decay and plaque.

For front or front teeth, using this cover is one of the most natural possible ways of treatment. This should be done at the discretion of the children's dentist. Teach your child to take care of his covered teeth. This tooth is attached to the baby teeth and its crown. Therefore, it is necessary to refrain from playing and any action to separate it. In the early days, the child may not be used to having it in his mouth. But this feeling will disappear after a few days.

This type of cover has a higher price due to its advantages compared to other covers. Among the types of dental veneers, we can mention full steel, composite, polycarbonate, resin and zirconia veneers. Zirconia ceramic veneers are the most high-quality and durable, and are reinforced with the help of zirconium frames. This coating has good strength and will act like a natural coating.

In the treatment stages, anesthesia is used to carry out various steps of veneer installation. It is very important to avoid eating and drinking until the numbness is completely removed. It is better to avoid putting too much pressure on the baby's teeth on the first day. If you floss your child's teeth, floss the coated teeth carefully. Note that some of the child's discomforts are normal at the beginning and after the anesthesia is removed.

Covering and repairing baby teeth is the reason for the natural mechanism of permanent tooth loss and replacement. Therefore, the repaired and covered teeth become loose and fall out during their natural life, and the original natural teeth replace it. 

no This issue should be investigated under the supervision of a pediatric specialist. If the amount of damage and decay has not destroyed the tooth to a great extent, the veneer is usually not used. But it is impossible to speak for sure about this. Because the strength of the teeth must be checked by a dentist.